African-American Studies Concentration Electives

AAAS 501 Regional History
AAAS 690 Investigation and Conference 
AAAS 720 Intercultural Communication:The Afro-American 
AAAS 723 Special Topics in Africana Studies
AAAS 730 Black Leadership
AAAS 740 The Afro-American Family: A Psychological Approach 
AAAS 760 Topics and Problems in African and African-American Studies
AAAS 774 Topic of Literature: Africa & the African Diaspora 
AAAS 788 The Black Woman
AAAS 810 Comparative Racial and Ethnic Relations
AAAS 811 The Civil Rights Movement 
AAAS 812 Black Power Movement
AAAS 822 African and African-American Religion
AAAS 830 The Life and Times of W.E.B. Du Bois
AAAS 857 Cities and Development
AAAS 860 Race, Gender, and Post-Colonial Discourses
AAAS 874 Slavery in the New World
AAAS 884 Black American Literature
AAAS 885 Race and the American Theatre 

Electives outside of the Department 
ANTH 670 Contemporary American Culture
ANTH 512 Ethnohistory:
ANTH 775 Seminar in Cultural Anthropology
AM S 576 Cultural Geography of the United States (Same as GEOG 576)
AM S 579 Geography of American Foodways
AM S 580 American Art
AM S 629 Sociology of Sport (Same as SOC 629)
AM S 694 Directed Readings
AM S 696 Studies In:
AM S 737 Music in America
AM S 805 American Pluralism: Race, Ethnicity and Religion in American Life
COMS 534 Interpersonal Communications in Organizations
COMS 647 Issues in Intercultural Communication
ECON 515 Income Distribution and Inequality
ECON 530 American Economic Development
ECON 534 Economic History of the Caribbean Region
ECON 540 Recent American Economic History
ECON 595 Regional Economics
ECON 675 Introduction to Welfare Economics
ECON 761 Public Sector: Urban and Regional Finance
ECON 866 Selected Problems in American Economic History
ENGL 574 African-American Literature
ENGL 590 Studies In: Black Writing in Kansas (Same as AM S 696, AAAS 520)
ENGL 632 Comparative Black Literature
ENGL 679 American Poetry of the 20 th Century
ENGL 971 Seminar in African-American Literature and Culture
ENGL 974 Seminar in Literatures of Africa and the African Diaspora
GEOG 571 Topics in Cultural Geography
GEOG 575 Geography of Population
GEOG 752 Topics in Urban/Economic Geography
GEOG 771 Topics in Cultural Geography
GEOG 772 Problems in Political Geography
GEOG 802 Urban Geographic Information Systems
HAIT 500 Directed Studies in Haitian Language and Literature
HAIT 501 Directed Studies in Haitian Culture
HAIT 700 Investigation and Conference
POLS 513 Power in American Communities
POLS 519 Community Development
POLS 614 Urban Politics
POLS 616 Interest Group Politics
POLS 619 Topics in American Politics:
POLS 623 The Politics of Social Policy
HIST 510 Topics In:
HIST 531 History of American Women: 1879 to Present
HIST 616 Contemporary American, 1841 to Present (Same as AAAS 520)
HIST 631 The Contemporary Afro-American Experience
HIST 651 History of American Business
HIST 696 Seminar In:
HIST 853 Research Seminar: The Atlantic World in the Early Modern Period
HA 707 Directed Readings
HA 712 Directed Museum Study
HWC 600 Biography of the City 
HDFL 606 Special Projects in the Community
HDFL 692 Practicum in Community Leadership and Development
HDFL 703 Community Psychology
HDFL 712 Directed Museum Study
MUSC 744 Readings in Jazz and American Popular Music 
PHIL 595 Philosophy and Race 
REL 504 Millenarian Movements
REL 531 Studies in Christianity
REL 532 Studies in Islam
REL 602 Special Topics in Religion
REL 771 Religious Movements and Social Change
REL 875 Topics in Religion and Society
SOC 522 American Racial and Ethnic Relations
SOC 570 Social Conflict
SOC 571 Collective Behavior
SOC 573 Sociology of Violence
SOC 621 Cross-Cultural Sociology
SOC 626 Religion and Society
SOC 671 Social Movements
TH&F 702 Graduate Seminar in:
TH&F 703 Readings in Dramatic Literature
TH&F 529 Race and the American Theatre (Same as AAAS 585)
WS 560 Race, Gender and Post-Colonial Discourse (Same as AAAS 560)


African Studies Concentration Electives

AAAS 502 Directed Language Study
AAAS 503 Directed Language Study
AAAS 504 Directed Language Study 
AAAS 505 Directed Language Study
AAAS 532 African Art and Architecture
AAAS 677 African Design
AAAS 690 Investigation and Conference 
AAAS 700 Africa in World Politics
AAAS 701 Politics in Africa 
AAAS 715 Seminar in African Art (Same as HA 715)
AAAS 716 Women in Islam 
AAAS 723 Special Topics in Africana Studies
AAAS 731 African Literature
AAAS 732 Francophone African Literature 
AAAS 733 Islamic Literature
AAAS 734 African Women Writers
AAAS 749 Islam 
AAAS 760 Topics and Problems in African & African-American Studies
AAAS 774 Topic of Literature: Africa & the African Diaspora 
AAAS 810 Comparative Racial and Ethnic Relations
AAAS 822 African and African-American Religion
AAAS 827 Popular Culture in Africa 
AAAS 845 Unveiling the Veil
AAAS 851 Environmental Issues in Africa 
AAAS 853 Geography of African Development
AAAS 855 African Film and Video
AAAS 857 Cities and Development
AAAS 860 Race, Gender, and Post-Colonial Discourses
AAAS 880 Introduction to Modern Africa
AAAS 890 The Rise and Fall of Apartheid
AAAS 898 Sexuality & Gender in African History

Electives outside of the Department 
ECON 587 Economic Development of Africa
ECON 582 Economic Growth and Development
ECON 604 International Trade
ENGL 526 African Literature
ENGL 774 Topics in Literatures of Africa and the African Diaspora
ENGL 974 Seminar in Literatures of Africa and the African Diaspora
GEOG 771 Topics in Cultural Geography
GEOG 726 Remote Sensing of Environment
GEOG 990 Seminar in Regional Geography
HIST 509 Multinational Corporations (Same as AAAS 520)
HIST 510 Topics in African History
HIST 561 World Natural Resources Use in the 19 th and 20 th Centuries
HIST 574 Slavery in the New World (Same as AAAS 574)
HIST 681 Topics in Third World History:
HIST 582 Nationalism and Revolution in the Third World
HIST 600 West African History
HIST 800 Readings in: West African History
JOUR 502 International Journalism
LING 791 Topics in Linguistics
MUSC 560 Music in World Cultures
PHIL 595 Philosophy and Race
POLS 661 Politics of the Middle East (Same as AAAS 520)
POLS 689 Topics in International Relations
POLS 850 Comparative Politics
REL 602 Ancient Egyptian Culture and Religion 
REL 775 Revivalism and Reform in Islam (Same as AAAS 520)
SOC 522 American Racial and Ethnic Relations
SOC 531 Third World Social Change
SOC 533 Industrialization in Developing Nations
SOC 535 Women of the Third World
TH&F 702 Graduate Seminar in:
TH&F 826 Seminar in African Theatre


Common Requirements for the African and African-American Concentrations

AAAS 801 Introduction to Africana Studies: African-American (3) 
AAAS 802 Introduction to Africana Studies: African (3)
AAAS 803 Research Methods in Africana Studies (3) 
AAAS 804 Seminar in Africana Studies (3) 
AAAS 899 Thesis (6) OR 2 additional electives (6) for the non-thesis option


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