Our Department is involved in the mission of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - to assist students in the development of educational plans, the clarification of career and life goals, and the appreciation of the values of a liberal arts education. Our system is one of shared responsibility in which all members of our Department and the College (faculty, students, and staff) interact to achieve advising goals and desired student outcomes.

Our goal in advising is to help each student reach his or her maximum educational potential. This goal is achieved by providing the student with the best possible academic advice, including the timely selection of an area of concentration, course work related to a chosen concentration, and other opportunities within and outside our Department.

Our Department collaborates with the Undergraduate Advising Center, College Advising & Student Services (CASS), and the College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA) in matters of advising.

Here is a list of faculty advisors in our Department. Faculty advise in all areas, but we have listed their area(s) of specialty:

Shawn Leigh AlexanderAfrican American Studies & African
Tony BoldenAfrican American
Amal El HaimeurArabic Language & Arabic & Islamic
Nicole Hodges PersleyAfrican American
Dorothy HinesAfrican American
Elizabeth MacGonagleAfrican Studies & African
Peter OjiamboAfrican Studies & African
Dorthy PenningtonAfrican American
Peter UkpokoduAfrican Studies & African
James YekuAfrican Studies & Digital

These are advisors for the languages:

Arabic:Amal El
Haitian Creole:Amal El
Kiswahili:Peter Ojiambo & Amal El
Wolof:Amal El