Intellectual Vision and Mission


African and African American Studies at KU is a model multidisciplinary academic program that serves the core of a Liberal Arts education. It serves as the region’s center for the historical and contemporary study and understanding of the nexus among African, African American, and African descended peoples and places, and their interconnections with US and global histories, cultures, social, and economic systems.


Our mission is to offer an inclusive and diverse learning environment that (1) encourages students to appreciate different ways of knowing and learning and; (2) prepares informed and productive citizens for Kansas, the region, the nation, and our global communities in the 21st Century.

For Whom

Our academic programs and courses are designed for undergraduates, graduate students, and non-degree-seeking students seeking the tools to appreciate and understand diversity, and learn and engage in the study of African descended peoples, cultures and languages, and institutions in local, national, and global communities.