Graduates of MA Program

2011 Hassan Bailey, African-American Studies
B.A. Sociology – University of Kansas

2022 L. Haley Bajorek, African-American Studies  & Museum Studies
B.A. Anthropology – University of Kansas

2015 James Baker, African-American Studies 
B.A. Spanish – University of Kansas

2016 Tarik Black, African-American Studies 
B.A. Professional Studies – University of Memphis

2017 Jessica Borowicz, African Studies
B.A. Spanish - Southeast Missouri State
MA International Relations - University of Oklahoma

2017 Alyssa Cole, African-American Studies
B.G.S. History - University of Kansas

2016 Anita Easterwood, African-American Studies
B.A. in Fine Arts – Kansas State University

2017 Berlin Elgin, African Studies
B.A. Northwest Missouri State University

2014 P.J. Engelbrecht, African Studies
B.A. Anthropology - Texas A&M University
M.A. Leadership Studies – University of Texas at El Paso

2012 Ginger Feather, African Studies 
B.A. Russian & French – University of Kentucky
M.A. International Affairs – George Washington University

2016 Paul Fowler III, African-American Studies
B.A. in History – The University of Kansas

2016 Jamie Fuller, African Studies
B.A. Anthropology – University of Kansas

2020 Raychel Gadson, African-American Studies
B.A. Public Relations – Kansas State Univeristy

2014 Amy Hunt, African Studies
B.A. History – Juaniata College

2016 Caroline Kastor, African & African-American Studies
B.A. in Classics – University of Kansas

2012 Erika Kraus, African Studies 
B.S., B.A. French & Biology – Benedictine College

2012 Devon Lee, African-American Studies
B.S. AAAS & Sociology – University of California-Davis

2019 Allison Lewis, African-American Studies
B.M. Music & Opera – University of Kansas

2019 Owen MacDonald, African & African-American Studies
B.A. Latin American Studies – University of Kansas

2016 Adhima Miller, African Studies
BA in International Relations – Kennesaw State University

2016 Sheldon Nash, African Studies
B.S. General Studies – University of Maryland University College

2014 Maryam Nichols, African-American Studies 
B.A.S. Organizational Leadership – Donnelly College

2018 Emily Norton, African Studies
B.S. Aeronautical Engineering – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

2013 Chloe Scott, African & African-American Studies 
B.A. English – University of Houston

2014 Jessie Sirico, African & African-American Studies 
B.A. Political Science – Emporia State University

2018 Delarice Staley, African Studies
B.A. International and Area Studies - University of Oklahoma

2018 Jenna Swanson, African & African-American Studies
B.A. English & History - University of South Dakota Vermillion

2015 Noemi Tracy, African Studies
B.A. Global Studies – Ohio University

2018 Michaela Warren, African-American Studies
B.S. Journalism - University of Kansas

2014 Goyland Williams, African-American Studies
B.A. Political Science & Philosophy – Texas State University