Skill Sets and Career Options

Skills and Abilities


  • clear and compelling writing
  • expressing ideas through various media
  • listening and perspective-taking
  • conveying ideas systematically
  • questioning conventional ideas


  • identifying research topics and plans
  • gathering and examining multiple forms of evidence
  • comfort with interdisciplinary methods
  • comparing/contrasting ideas and concepts
  • problem-solving
  • critical thinking
  • assessing alternative modes of analysis
  • preparation for graduate training in the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences, as well as professional training in such areas as law, medicine, business, and social work

Project Development:

  • assessing needs and interests
  • generating ideas
  • identifying resources and partners
  • working with community groups and stakeholders
  • translating theory into action, and grasping the practical significance of academic experiences; evaluating results 

Cultural Competency:

  • appreciation for social and cultural differences, diverse perspectives, and competing ideas
  • fluency in languages
  • understanding of historical, economic and political forces

Career Options

Public Service:

  • urban planning
  • public policy and administration
  • arts and humanities councils
  • journalism
  • nonprofit organizing
  • fundraising
  • legal advising
  • public advocacy
  • affirmative action monitoring and compliance
  • social work
  • community affairs liaison
  • foreign affairs
  • language interpretation


  • market research
  • cultural relations
  • mass communications and culture industries
  • media and public relations
  • advertising copyrighting
  • hospitality
  • financial planning
  • human resources training
  • staff development
  • export/import sales management
  • corporate franchises and small business ownership


  • K-12 education
  • college and university faculty
  • student service administration
  • diversity, equity, and inclusion leadership
  • library science
  • museum curation
  • public history and preservation