African and African Diasporic Languages

Minor in African and African Diasporic Language

The African & African Diasporic Language minor is offered through the Department of African & African-American Studies. It is an excellent cultural studies companion to all of the professional degrees on campus, as well as other College programs. The minor allows advanced study in one of the following languages: ArabicHaitian-CreoleKiswahili and Wolof. Some advanced language study may be eligible for Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships. Additional information on each language can be found by clicking the appropriate link above.

Prerequisite Knowledge

In order to start the minor courses, students must complete one of the following sequences: 

ARAB 110
ARAB 120

Elementary Arabic I and
Elementary Arabic II
HAIT 110
HAIT 120
Elementary Haitian I and
Elementary Haitian II
KISW 110
KISW 120
Elementary KiSwahili I and
Elementary KiSwahili II
WOLO 110
WOLO 120
Elementary Wolof I and
Elementary Wolof II


Requirements for the Minor

Complete one of the following language sequences: 
Intermediate Language I3
ARAB 210Intermediate Arabic I 
HAIT 230Intermediate Haitian I 
KISW 210Intermediate KiSwahili I 
WOLO 210Intermediate Wolof I 
Intermediate Language II3
ARAB 220Intermediate Arabic II 
HAIT 240Intermediate Haitian II 
KISW 220Intermediate KiSwahili II 
WOLO 220Intermediate Wolof II 
Advanced Language I3
ARAB 310Advanced Arabic I 
HAIT 350Advanced Haitian I 
KISW 310Advanced KiSwahili I 
WOLO 310Advanced Wolof I 
Advanced Language II3
ARAB 310Advanced Arabic I 
HAIT 360Advanced Haitian II 
KISW 320Advanced KiSwahili II 
WOLO 320Advanced Wolof II 
Choose two additional AAAS courses numbered 300 or higher, or additional language courses past Advanced Language II.