AAAS 250: Intro to Translation & Theory

Instructor: Dickey

Type: In-Person
Day/Time: TuTh 11:00 - 12:15 PM

Credit Hours: 3
AAAS 250 SP24

AAAS 250: Intro to Translation & Theory

This course provides an introduction to the concepts of applied translation as well as an overview of translation theory. Translation is a severely misunderstood activity and profession, and mechanical translation has been justifiably downgraded in communicative foreign language teaching. This course is intended for students of any foreign language (classical or modern) who are interested in the field and profession of literary and non-literary translation. The course focuses on written translation and does not treat ( oral) interpretation in detail. (Same as GERM 240, LING 250, SLAV 250 and SP AN 202.)

Satisfies: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H) , H Humanities (H)