AAAS 716: Women and Islam

Instructor: Ben Baba

Type: Online

Credit Hours: 3
AAAS 716 SP24

AAAS 716: Women and Islam

Addresses the widely-held stereotype of Muslim women as pawns in a patriarchal socio-religious context. Investigating the Muslim cultures of certain regions, the course will examine the manner in which indigenous culture was influenced by the introduction of Islam and the historical impact of Islam on women's social roles. Focusing principally on contemporary social change, the course will consider how socio-political change affects religious roles where religion is integrally involved in daily life. To what extent is individualism valued, and how are the pressures of late 20th-century and early 21st-century life mediated? The course will draw on texts from history, sociology, and literature. Additional advanced-level coursework is required for students in this course beyond lower-level courses of the same name and/or description.